The near impeachment of President Nixon, and the high-profile trial of President Clinton, transformed impeachment into a household word. What had previously been a subject of academic study has arguably become a tool of political partisanship as Jefferson feared was possible in the early days of his first administration. This is evidenced by the recent resolutions of several American municipalities and town councils urging the impeachments of President Bush and Vice President Chaney, as well as the establishment of the LA Impeachment Center. Because of the increased public interest in impeachment the book is timely, and should have a broader readership than most legal or historical works.

Consisting of approximately 450 pages the book traces the origin of impeachment in the British North American colonies, its inclusion in the state and federal constitutions, the Jefferson legacy, federal litigation, and impeachment case studies including the impeachments of Senator William Blount, Judge Pickering, Justice Samuel Chase, President Andrew Johnson, and President Bill Clinton. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship between partisan politics and the constitutional grounds for impeachment. It is this connection that separates the book from others on the subject.


From the Early Precedents To
The Impeachment and Trial of President Bill Clinton





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  • The History, Law and Politics of Federal Impeachment: From the Early Precedents to the Impeachment and Trial of President Bill Clinton.




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