In today's litigation environment manufacturers must systematically manage their
product liability risks. This requires that product managers and corporate decision-
makers take as much interest in managing the company's product liability as they do
in their initiatives to increase shareholder value. Corporate executives must understand
that shareholder value means little if the company is forced into bankruptcy by product litigation.

In this book the authors provide corporate managers with a comprehensive look at
current and developing trends in product liability law, and offers practical suggestions
on how to minimize the risks of litigation as product liability law continues to expand.

The authors discuss topics such as minimizing product liability exposure and litigation,
designing products to reduce accidents and injuries, the importance of proper selection
and use of expert witnesses, effective use of legal counsel, strategies for early claims
resolution, and guidelines for developing effective document retention programs.

A systematic approach to managing product liability risks begins with an appreciation
of the legal principles under which products are judged, and an acceptance of the fact
that the rules will continue to change to meet consumer expectations. Corporate
managers cannot be surprised by the civil justice system. They must understand the
system and design and distribute products that conform to its requirements.
This book will help them achieve this important goal, as well as reduce their
over-all product liability risks.


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